Guest Faculty at SNDA

Guest Faculty Workshops at SNDA

SNDA has had the privilege of hosting workshops by several guest faculties from around the world for students to get exposure to different styles of dancing and methods of learning. Having guest workshops not only help students learn a new subject and enhance their skill-set but also broadens their perspective about the world of dance.

In the past, SNDA has hosted workshops by several notable artists including:

  • Steve Rooks, USA (Graham Technique)
  • James Morrow, USA (Hip-Hop)
  • Brande Lee, USA (Aerial Silk)
  • 2 Faced Dance Company, UK (Modern and Breaking)
  • Tripura Kashyap, Delhi (Dance Therapy)
  • Josefin Wikstrom, Sweden (Yoga)
  • Cyrus Khambatta, USA (Contemporary)
  • Jason Samuels Smith, USA (Tap dance)
  • Santosh Nair, Delhi (Chhau)
  • Pandita Uma Dogra Ji (Kathak)
  • Ghislaine Carrara, Italy (Ballet and Modern)
  • Pamela Pietro, USA (Contemporary)
  • Gregory Hancock, USA (Contemporary)
  • Akash Odedra, UK (Contemporary Kathak)
  • David Poznanter, USA (Acrobatics)
  • Guru Uday Deshpande (Mallakhamb)
  • Seema Mehta (Kathak)
  • Paul Taylor Dance Company, USA (Contemporary)
  • Tiffany Wrightson, Singapore (Ballet & Jazz)
  • Felix Burkle, Germany (Juggling & Improvisation)
  • Company Wayne McGregor, UK (Ballet)