Pursuing dance entails a lot of hard work and commitment that comes along with discipline. Therefore, SNDA has laid down certain rules to makes the learning process uniform and enjoyable for everyone.

Code of Conduct

Discipline in class, conduct of students, class etiquettes and uniform discipline are constantly evaluated for students in every class. SNDA faculty may take the decision of not certifying students failing to observe discipline and violating the below rules and regulations.

  • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times.
  • Being punctual is expected for every class. Faculty has the right to not allow students in class if they are late. Prior intimation to the respective teacher of the class should be given by the student in case he/she is going to be late for class under unavoidable circumstances.
  • No eatables will be allowed in the studio or during the class.
  • Students are not allowed to chew gum at any given point and time during their presence in the class.
  • Students must keep their cell phones on silent mode or switch them off during class activities.
  • In case a student is unwell, he or she is requested to inform the instructor. She/he also has the option to come to class, sit aside and observe the class.
  • Students are not allowed to use the studio space after or before class time or in the absence or without the permission of a teacher.

Growth and performance

Students will be evaluated for their growth and improvement during the course for which they will be assigned credits that form a part of their certification. SNDA faculty may take the decision of not certifying students who do not show significant improvement despite full attendance and completion of the desired number of hours of training. Students are expected to be patient to see an improvement in themselves. Requesting for advancing to the next level by comparison to fellow classmates is not accepted. Parents, too, are expected not to do draw comparisons with their child’s classmates and make judgements about their progress. Parents and students must understand that Dance and Fitness growth vary from person to person drastically.

Absenteeism consequences

Students are not expected to miss classes errantly. In case of unavoidable circumstances, if a student misses a session, he/she will be marked as absent for that class and no compensation will be provided for the same. A student attending classes in a batch will under no circumstances be allowed to attend classes from another batch to compensate the missed session or to cover up the session he/she is going to miss.

Holidays, cancellation of classes and compensation

In case SNDA faculty cancels a class, then a cover up will be provided for the missed session within 3 weeks of cancellation. The studio shall remain closed only on National Holidays of India and no classes will be covered up for the same.

Uniform and Decorum

We at SNDA believe in imparting discipline among students by encouraging them to wear the right dance attire and improve their appearance for their classes.

  • Students must adhere to the specific uniform code for whichever dance form they are training for.
  • Girls must tie their hair in a neat bun. Wearing any jewellery or accessories during the class is not allowed.
  • Students are also expected to carry the right footwear for their class as informed by the instructor. Street shoes/outside footwear will not be allowed in class. Students are expected to carry separate dance shoes as instructed by the teacher.

Accidental Injuries

Since students are involved in a lot of physical activity during their class, they are prone to suffer from accidental injuries, especially while they’re not under supervision. Students must therefore not attempt challenging movements in the absence and without the guidance of a teacher in the class. In case they suffer from any accidental injury in the absence of a teacher, they agree to release SNDA faculty and its teachers from any liability. Further, SNDA shall not be liable for any medical or any other expenses incurred by the student and / or his parent, guardian, relative or friend, for the injury or damage caused.

Students’ Show

SNDA organises one students’ recital every year (Nov/Dec) and all students will get an opportunity to participate in the show. Students are expected to be present for all extra classes and technical rehearsals for the show as informed to them by the instructor.

Photography and Videography

SNDA reserves the copyright for all photographs and videos clicked by SNDA faculty during classes, rehearsals, photoshoots video shoots and shows. By acceptance of these terms, you willingly give in your consent to SNDA for usage of your pictures on SNDA’s social media platforms or print platforms whenever needed, under the name of Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts. However, SNDA holds the responsibility of taking prior permission before any such usage and display of pictures.

Ethics and Confidentiality

Dance being intangible art, is prone to exploitation. SNDA, has therefore, laid down certain ethical rules and regulations that students must follow. SNDA holds the right to terminate participation of students failing to follow the below ethical rules.

  • Students, once enrolled for a program, are prohibited to undertake dance education from any other authorised or unauthorised school/academy/institution/private classes, until completion of the program.
  • Students once enrolled for a program will not be allowed to participate/ /perform/organise/volunteer in shows/musicals/workshops/private classes/studios other than SNDA, without seeking permission from the faculty and management.
  • Students are not allowed to reveal or to make public any information which includes but may not be limited to movement vocabulary, pictures, data, techniques, syllabus and content related to SNDA’s program while pursuing it.


SNDA reserves the right to terminate your participation in any course at its discretion with or without fees being refunded under the following instances.

  • If your performance or attendance at any time during the course is not up to the mark.
  • If you are not physically fit to continue the program, as certified by your medical examiner after suffering from an injury.
  • If you violate any of the terms, rules and regulations mentioned.


Since a certain level of fitness is a pre-requsite for enrolling for a professional dance course, we request students to provide a medical certificate, signed by a competent medical examiner, mentioning that the student is medically, physically and mentally fit to resume learning dance at SNDA.

Fee structure and payment

  • Fees once paid are not refundable/ non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • Students are requested to pay full fees before taking admission to any class.