Formed in 1933, CSTD or the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing is one of the International Societies that provides examinations in all major dance disciplines throughout Australia and Asia Pacific Region.

SNDA - Associate Member of CSTD

SNDA became an associate member of CSTD in January 2017, making it the only dance academy in Mumbai to offer training in Modern Jazz, Ballet and Come Dance With Me (an exclusive program for tiny-tots) through CSTD certification program.

SNDA ‘s faculty holds ETA teacher qualification in Jazz, Ballet and Come Dance With Me program for tiny-tots. As a CSTD associate member, SNDA has implemented accountable and ethical standards of training for students who are a part of the full-time and part-time Professional Dance Certification (PDC) as well as children from the Junior PDC program.

Students will be constantly analysed for their progress while they are training with SNDA. Those who qualify the eligibility towards appearing for the CSTD examination will be notified three months prior to the scheduled exam date. Eligible students must register for the examination by paying the registration fees three months prior to the exam.

Although dance is a journey that helps students find liberation, self-expression and joyousness, having a defined goal motivates students to better themselves and excel their skill-set and examinations is the best way to set a definite goal for students. Examinations help students gain a deeper understanding of fundamentals of dance and achieve a pre-defined goal every year, through a structured syllabus that they study throughout the year. All professional programs at SNDA have a pre-set syllabus and students work towards their exams.
Full-time, Part-time and Junior PDC program students have their examinations in the month of November or December. While full-time PDC students cover exams for two semesters in one year, part-time PDC students appear for exams for one semester in one year.

Examination is conducted by SNDA faculty with utmost professionalism. Dates for the exams are notified to the students 3 months prior to the exam. Subjects and levels for which SNDA follows the CSTD syllabus, CSTD examination is conducted. Registration for CSTD examination is to be done separately. Students eligible for CSTD examination will be notified about it 3 months prior to having the exams. Interested students must register for the exam within a week of notification.
Result day will be announced within a week after examinations. Students and parents will be invited at the studio on the result day. Report cards and certificates/medals will be presented to all students clearing the examinations. In case a student fails to clear the examination, he/she may re-appear for the exam within 3 months after the primary exam, before advancing to the next level. All re- examinations will be conducted by SNDA faculty.
CSTD examination will be held every year in the last week of November or in the first week of December, soon after the annual students' recital SPARK is held.

An external examiner from the Examination Board of CSTD will be present on the day of examination at SNDA studio. Upon completion of the examination, students will be certified with grades and presented examination awards.
The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Dancesport Examinations, is a prestigious international syllabus covering all grades of exam levels:

  • Single Dance
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Bar
  • Silver
  • Silver Bar
  • Gold
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Star
  • Supreme Award
  • As a member of CSTD, SNDA management will accept examination fee for students willing to appear for the exam.
  • Notification for examination registration form and current fee structure (available on CSTD website) will be put up in the studio and on SNDA website 3 months prior to the examination date.
  • All examination fees are non-refundable. Students who fail to attend the examination at the appointed time will also forfeit their examination fee.
  • All students need to register for these examinations at their own risk. A candidate with an injury must produce a medical certificate stating that he/she is capable of demonstrating all of the required syllabus steps and movements.
  • No correspondence or verbal discussion will be entered into regarding the Examiner’s report.
  • Examination reports for all students appearing for the exam will be issued to SNDA faculty entering students for examinations. These reports will be passed on to the students by SNDA faculty entering the students and under no circumstances will be withheld by the faculty. Reports issued by the Examiner are the property of the student examined.
  • If a student clears/passes an examination he/she may not enter the same examination again.
  • The applicable age is the age of the candidate as at the 1st of January of the year of entry for the examination.
  • If the student becomes the age for another level between the 1st of January and the 31st of December of the examination year, he/she has the option to sit for that higher level (subject to any other pre-requisites for that examination).