Exams are a great way to assess whether or not the learning you have experienced has reflected in you. SNDA Dance Exams are non-competitive and serve as an analysis to a dance artists’ growth. It also is a good method for students to gauge their growth and make plans for the future. The Dance Exams are practical examinations where students present four variations i.e. Technique, Travelling Movements, Center Combination & Choreography in each core dance subjects of SNDA namely Modern Contemporary, Modern Jazz, Modern Ballet, Hip-Hop & Kathak.
Preparation begins in your class. The exams have no surprises they will all include what you have already learnt in class or are going to learn before the same. Your class teachers will teach you the syllabus and explain the essential elements of the exam. You will be taught the guidelines as well the system of the exams well in advance.
Community students register for subject based courses and give examinations as per the subjects they have chosen. For eg. Modern Contemporary students will not give Modern Jazz exams or vice versa whereas PDC students have to appear for dance exams in each dance subject devised by SNDA & its Associate organizations.
The SNDA Examination Certificate is autonomous although the organization’s reputation precedes its validation. Some of SNDA’s certified students are travelling the world as dancers, running dance organisations, or working in large dance venues in not just India but around the world. Our Alumni list boasts of professionals like the same.
Students are not marked by the level of difficulty they perform but by how well they are performing on the basis of their previous exams or on the basis of the level they are appearing for. The criteria usually is Technique, Spacing, Expressions, Strength & Flexibility, Ease of Movement & Rhythm sensibility.
Students do not choose the exams they have to give but the SNDA faculty nominates students to appear for a particular exam. The student after being nominated can decide whether or not he/she wants to give the exam. After the students give the exams they will also get to perform their choreography (Graduation Day) that they learnt for the exam in front of their family and friends in a large theater where at the end of their performance they will be awarded with their dance certificates and results by a Senior Dance Expert or Guru who will preside as Chief Guest.