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Our Supporters

Josefin Wikstrom

Josefin Wikström from Sweden has spent the past 25 years living part time in Mumbai and other places in India working with trauma exposed populations. She also studies yoga and movement therapy, and teaches yoga and dance regularly at Sweden’s high-security prison as a part of her Prison Yoga Project. She has been a part of Project Ahsas project for the past 7 years and with the help of her donations, a group of very talented young boys from Govandi slum area in Mumbai (that she met there a few years back) are able to learn dance and continue to develop their passion and talents. She believes dance should be available for everyone.

Nisha Singh

Nisha Singh is a dance and performance artist, movement therapist and communication specialist based in San Francisco. She is currently in a somatic education program that focuses on movement based therapy. Her desire to bridge access to dance drew her spirit to Movement Exchange, a San Francisco-based non-profit. She is now the program director and fundraising lead, and aims to bring dance education to India. Nisha has collaborated with SNDA for the past two years, to work with the Society for the Education of the Crippled, whereby SNDA’s Project AHSAS students teach at three SEC locations on a weekly basis, rooted in compassion, empathy; and grounded in safe movement-based principles.

Komal & Sudesh Nagdev

Although they are Artistic Director Sumeet’s parents, they have had no experience of being part of the performing arts industry. For most of their life they have been in the field of retail business. Their constant support of food, beverages, and costumes for our Project Ahsas children from the underprivileged society have been a blessing and an absolute joy for the kids.

Shilpa & Rajendra Goradia

Their story isn’t too different either. Sasha’s parents Shilpa & Rajendra were wedding decor manufacturers and they just couldn’t resist helping our company division with their artistic skills and resources. They help create props and decor for most of our productions. If you have attended any of SNDA’s student recitals and have noticed exquisite decor in the pre-function area, it's all thanks to them!